It took a first trip to New York to overcome my natural shyness and dare to take the plunge to start photographing.

Since that first trip, I have been shooting regularly, at times in the United States, other times in Europe's large cities or in my hometown, Paris.

I want to locate people in today's world: in their continually evolving environments and in their relationships with one another.

Through photography, I aim at showing the beauty of things, reveal the sublime in the mundane, and show people what they may not take the time to look at.

Since 2017, I join Leica Camera France and today, I work with a Q2

I was born in 1982. I live in Paris.

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"Cedric follows his instinct to capture right at the 1st shot and offers us an authentic but also improbable reality in picture"

Gérald Vidamment

"Cedric is composing with everyday life scenes.In his frame, he mingles social and aesthetic"

Aurelie Jeannin

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